The curriculum incorporates the most up-to-date content based on the academic and business experience of our teaching staff, which consists of top expert practitioners in this field, including:

The courses are designed for:

- staff employed in the hospitality industry, who are interested in improving their qualifications, updating their knowledge and further developing their professional competence,
- those who are interested in gaining new qualifications necessary to find a job in the hospitality industry,
- those who are planning to start their own business.

Qualifications gained during the course of study:

- knowledge on modern hotel management methods and techniques
- professional performance and responsibilities of a hotel manager
- skills necessary to independently run a modern hotel with a wide range of services
- improving management competence
- skills needed to analyse the hospitality market
- organisation of sales
- professional customer service skills
- basics of investing in the hospitality industry
- knowledge of law in the hospitality industry

Curriculum (198 hours, 2 semesters):

Managing the investment process in the hospitality industry
Hotel systems and management models
Legal conditions in the hospitality industry
Building management
Human resources
Organisation of operating divisions (Rooms division – Front office + Housekeeping)
Hotel catering management
Marketing communication
Sales and distribution
Organising events in meetings industry
Revenue management
Organisation and management of spa & wellness area
Management accounting