Bachelor’s Degree


Bachelor’s Degree

Faculty of Tourism

Department: Tourism


  • Management of Branded Tourist Product - more
  • Hospitality and Catering Industry - more
  • SPA and Wellness Management - more
  • Management of Regional and Local Promotion - more
  • Management of Sustainable Tourism - more



The key element of our programme is to develop cooperation with business, aimed at providing UCTE students with the opportunity to start working during the course of studies or after graduation. This innovative model of studies is addressed to those who are interested in high quality education and who at the same time want to gain the necessary work experience.

Innovative solutions to implement our curricula enable our students to combine learning with work, starting from the very first year of study. The students gain practical education in two ways:

- contract of employment, contract of mandate or contract for specific work in partner institutions, companies or enterprises;
- several months of professional internships, in accordance with the international agreements signed by our University.

Gaining knowledge in several steps and confronting it with practice give our students a sense of their capabilities and predispositions. A curriculum vitae developed during the course of study significantly facilitates an effective entry into the labour market just after graduation.

Individual career paths for students are developed according to the chosen field of studies and majors, in different areas within a given field of studies. Students may choose from the variety of jobs:

In the travel industry:

- restaurant manager
- hotel manager assistant
- restaurant manager assistant
- receptionist
- HR employee
- recreation entertainer
- call center employee

In the IT industry:

- Windows / Linux administrator
- Java / PHP / C / C ++ developer
- Web designer
- software tester
- graphic designer
- network administrator

In social sciences:

- social media specialist
- specialist in Internet advertising campaigns
- advertising and corporate image manager
- advertising specialist
- HR employee

Practical training during international internships will allow students not only to gain professional skills, but also to improve their language skills. A diploma from the best tourism school in Poland secures our graduates a stable professional and scientific position.

Hotel manager


The curriculum incorporates the most up-to-date content based on the academic and business experience of our teaching staff, which consists of top expert practitioners in this field, including:

The courses are designed for:

- staff employed in the hospitality industry, who are interested in improving their qualifications, updating their knowledge and further developing their professional competence,
- those who are interested in gaining new qualifications necessary to find a job in the hospitality industry,
- those who are planning to start their own business.

Qualifications gained during the course of study:

- knowledge on modern hotel management methods and techniques
- professional performance and responsibilities of a hotel manager
- skills necessary to independently run a modern hotel with a wide range of services
- improving management competence
- skills needed to analyse the hospitality market
- organisation of sales
- professional customer service skills
- basics of investing in the hospitality industry
- knowledge of law in the hospitality industry

Curriculum (198 hours, 2 semesters):

Managing the investment process in the hospitality industry
Hotel systems and management models
Legal conditions in the hospitality industry
Building management
Human resources
Organisation of operating divisions (Rooms division – Front office + Housekeeping)
Hotel catering management
Marketing communication
Sales and distribution
Organising events in meetings industry
Revenue management
Organisation and management of spa & wellness area
Management accounting


MBA courses


The growing importance of specialized, profiled MBA programmes for senior managers means the need to develop educational offers, which exceed the needs of IT, HR and financial sectors. MBA in Tourism is the first specialized graduate course in Poland, which covers not only classic MBA subjects, such as: leadership, marketing and management, ethics or accounting, but also explores contemporary and innovative strategies and trends in the tourism industry. The MBA programme focuses on the practical use of the above-mentioned elements in business projects of the tourism sector - one of the fastest growing sectors in the contemporary business environment.

MBA in TOURISM means practical knowledge and a prestigious diploma




The Advanced Course is an elite postgraduate course for those investing or planning to invest in real estate, with particular focus on investing in tourism real estate. This is a postgraduate course designed in the MBA format, which places a great emphasis on gaining practical skills. The curriculum includes numerous meetings with investors who have been on the market for decades and made plenty of investments. The top real estate practitioners with extensive experience will share their know-how basing on specific investments.

The course is aimed at those who are interested in real estate. It gives students the chance to discover new opportunities and meet potential business partners.
The aim of the course is to provide listeners with up-to-date knowledge in the field of real estate investing, which will be the basis for developing their practical skills. The graduates receive a diploma recognized and respected by investors and entrepreneurs, which attests to the highest qualifications and helps to develop a professional career.

Mode of study: part-time.

Duration: 2 years: 384 hours, 4 semesters.

Classes are held from October to June.

Meetings are held at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

Required documents:

1) application for admission and personal questionnaire (download)
2) higher education diploma, diploma supplement
3) two photographs
4) a photocopy of the ID card
5) curriculum vitae

Postgraduate studies


UCTE constantly follows market demand for new qualifications and professions, analyzing the needs of employers and new trends on the education market. The next step is to invite high-class professionals who, basing on the acquired information, create innovative, sought-after courses and develop cutting edge curricula based on crucial practical skills and knowledge.
We have added some new attractive courses to our offer, which will enrich our students’ knowledge or help them change their profession and consequently open the way to finding better jobs.


● Career and personal counselling NEW - more 
● Tourism and hospitality for teachers - more
● Gastronomy and human nutrition for teachers - more
● Computer science with elements of computer graphics and multimedia technology for teachers - more
● Advertising and public relations for teachers - more


● Hotel manager NEW - more 
● Information and reservation systems in the tourism industry - more
● Agrotourism - brand manager - more
● Religious tourism - more
● Ecological management - more
● Renewable energy sources and waste management - more
● Health tourism and wellness manager - more
● Computer graphics and multimedia technology - more
● Databases - more
● Web application development - more
● Software engineering - more
● Computer networks - design and management - more
● Advertising and corporate image manager - more
● E-business - online advertising campaigns - more
● Creating a political image - more
● Professional customer service in local administration - more
● Social media - social media specialist - more
● Public procurement - more

Required documents:

- application for admission and personal questionnaire (download)
- higher education diploma, diploma supplement
- curriculum vitae
- two photographs (37 x 52 mm)
- a photocopy of the ID card
- a document confirming pedagogical training (for teachers)

Discounts for UCTE graduates - NEW

- The graduates of the University College of Tourism and Ecology receive a tuition discount of 10% for 2-semester postgraduate studies at our university.
- If you have applied for postgraduate studies at the University College of Tourism and Ecology, you can obtain yet another attractive discount that will reduce your tuition fees. Recommend your friend the same postgraduate studies at our University and get a 10% discount on tuition fees for 2 semesters!