UCTE constantly follows market demand for new qualifications and professions, analyzing the needs of employers and new trends on the education market. The next step is to invite high-class professionals who, basing on the acquired information, create innovative, sought-after courses and develop cutting edge curricula based on crucial practical skills and knowledge.
We have added some new attractive courses to our offer, which will enrich our students’ knowledge or help them change their profession and consequently open the way to finding better jobs.


● Career and personal counselling NEW - more 
● Tourism and hospitality for teachers - more
● Gastronomy and human nutrition for teachers - more
● Computer science with elements of computer graphics and multimedia technology for teachers - more
● Advertising and public relations for teachers - more


● Hotel manager NEW - more 
● Information and reservation systems in the tourism industry - more
● Agrotourism - brand manager - more
● Religious tourism - more
● Ecological management - more
● Renewable energy sources and waste management - more
● Health tourism and wellness manager - more
● Computer graphics and multimedia technology - more
● Databases - more
● Web application development - more
● Software engineering - more
● Computer networks - design and management - more
● Advertising and corporate image manager - more
● E-business - online advertising campaigns - more
● Creating a political image - more
● Professional customer service in local administration - more
● Social media - social media specialist - more
● Public procurement - more

Required documents:

- application for admission and personal questionnaire (download)
- higher education diploma, diploma supplement
- curriculum vitae
- two photographs (37 x 52 mm)
- a photocopy of the ID card
- a document confirming pedagogical training (for teachers)

Discounts for UCTE graduates - NEW

- The graduates of the University College of Tourism and Ecology receive a tuition discount of 10% for 2-semester postgraduate studies at our university.
- If you have applied for postgraduate studies at the University College of Tourism and Ecology, you can obtain yet another attractive discount that will reduce your tuition fees. Recommend your friend the same postgraduate studies at our University and get a 10% discount on tuition fees for 2 semesters!