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Faculty of Computer Sciences aims to prepare professionals who wish to work in the IT sector. After completing a three and a half years of studying, graduates receive a Bachelor's engineering degree.

The courses provide you with advanced skills in programming. You will study programming languages, operating systems, databases, multimedia, computer graphics and system analysis. You will also cover general knowledge subjects such as mathematics and foreign languages.

The courses are suitable for graduates seeking employment in the information and communications technology sector as: software designers, programmers and administrators of small and medium IT systems. Our graduates find work in companies designing and developing software, either as software engineers or project managers. Gaining practical skills and knowledge of database systems, data warehouses and other systems supporting management and administration, you can find employment both in companies designing these types of systems and in companies and institutions using them.

On the courses you will also explore the Internet technologies. As the Internet is a growing employment sector, these courses will provide you with a lot of opportunities to find work as designers of the Internet applications (e.g. e-commerce). Knowledge of multimedia technology will equip you to work in graphic design businesses and companies producing video and games.

After the second and the third year students can gain hands-on experience, doing internships in Polish or foreign IT companies. This is often a chance to establish a permanent co-operation and find employment after graduating.

Academic Staff

Our academic staff have extensive experience in their chosen fields and are associated with the best academic institutions in Poland. They are committed to teaching excellence, providing students with comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge.

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Nowadays, due to the increasing importance of information and telecommunication technologies and software systems for business, industry, scientific research, services and public administration, the labour market shows continuous strong demand for IT experts.


Major: Software Engineering 

This course is intended for graduates who want to work as: 

The main themes you will explore on this course include:

The course covers not only IT subjects but also general education subjects such as mathematics, the basics of physics, telecommunications and electronics. Software Engineering course is focused on the issues of classical information science and software development. You will acquire general knowledge on software engineering and key skills, studying a variety of information systems. The main themes of the course include formal methods and computing tools, which will allow you to continue your IT training towards a Master's degree within the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

You will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the fields of: 


Major: Database Systems

The course is aimed at those who wish to pursue careers as IT professionals:

The Database Systems course focuses on designing databases and the Internet applications. Most of IT applications on the Polish market relate to systems supporting management and administration. Databases and database support software constitute an integral part of such systems. Choosing this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge on databases, data warehouses and the construction of systems supporting management and administration. The course will prepare you for career in software systems development. You will be able to seek employment in companies creating support software systems as well as in public administration and other institutions which are intending to implement such systems or are already using them. 

The Internet technology training includes designing, programming, implementing, operating and maintaining networks and internet servers. You will also learn how to create websites and internet portals, focusing on interaction with the user and implementation of a wide range of services. The thorough knowledge of the Internet technologies will allow you to pursue the career in web applications development, working e.g. for e-commerce, which is now one of the fastest growing business sectors.

You will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the fields of:


Major: Multimedia Technologies and Computer Graphics

A Degree in Engineering

An engineering degree graduate, just as a bachelor graduate, should poses theoretical IT knowledge, as well as practical technical skills regarding information systems. A Graduate should be aware of how modern computers, co-operating devices, OS’s, computer networks and databases are being built. He/she should reach such level of computer programming and software engineering principles, which will allow for effective work in developement teams. A Graduate should also have basic knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence, computer graphics and human-computer communication. A Graduate should be able to use his/her knowledge and skills in accordance with law and ethical rules.   

A Graduate of first degree studies should master the foreign language at B2 level (standards set by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of The Council of Europe) and be able to use the specialized technical language of the IT industry. A Graduate should be prepared for employment in IT companies dealing with developing, implementing or conditioning of IT tools and systems, as well as in other companies and organizations where such tools and systems are being used, including education sector (given that a Graduate also completes teacher specialization course which meets all educational standards and prepares for such profession). A Graduate should also be prepared to start second degree studies.

Studies are designed for high school graduates who are interested in computer graphics and multimedia technologies, who use them in their professional work or plan to do so in their future career. The program of studies focuses on teaching practical skills required for effective multimedia content creation.  

A Graduate of Multimedia Technologies and Computer Graphics major will reach such level of knowledge and practical skills in the field of computer graphics that will enable effective implementation of presentation layer in various environments, in particular in Internet services. A Graduate will be able to efficiently use available software for creating and editing raster and vector graphics, computer animations as well as for 3D modeling and animation. He/she will also be able to efficiently record, edit and add special effects to audio and video materials, as well as to prepare them for publication.
Studies on this major are designed for people:

Selected learning content:

A Graduate gains theoretical and practical skills in fields of:


Major: Computer electronics

Computer electronics is an interdisciplinary specialty which combines vital aspects of both electronics and IT sciences. It prepares for seeking employment in widely-understood IT sector, as well as in other business branches that require profound knowledge of information technology and electronics.  
The program of studies includes teaching basics of electronics, programming languages and operating systems, data bases, multimedia and computer graphics, as well as providing general knowledge in fields of, among others, mathematics, system analysis and foreign languages. Graduates can find employment (both as developers and team/project leaders) in all companies focusing their activities on producing and developing software. Practical education in the field of Internet technologies enhances chances of finding a job as a developer of Internet apps, including those electronic business-related. Specialists in this field are also being looked for by companies which design, manufacture and implement products of modern electronics.

Selected learning content: