Major: Manager of Tourism

This major is dedicated for future managers of tourism industry. Program’s aim is to prepare professionals qualified to perform decision-making activities within the structures of national and European tourism industry.

Aim of the educational program is to prepare specialists for: tourism and leisure management in commercial sector, creative professionals working with the use of interpersonal skills like communication, trouble solving, skills of building contact bases and team-working – all of which are indispensable for successful management. Education allows students to gain knowledge regarding managerial economics, management and marketing in tourism, marketing planning in tourism and leisure – predicting demand and its importance in shaping services, monitoring the quality of services, the ability to assess competitiveness and exploit new market opportunities.

A Graduate will gain a modern practical knowledge regarding tourism enterprise management and will be professionally prepared to: act as manager of tourism enterprise, manager in units of local government, as well as conduct one’s own business activity. A Graduate will get acquainted with challenges and trends regarding tourism management and building competitive advantage, will be able to perform marketing activities, to analyze the processes occurring on the touristic market and to assess the competitiveness of the industry.

Selected learning content:

-  Management of investment projects in tourism;

- Modern trends in tourism and hospitality;

- E-marketing;

- Management and competitiveness in tourism;

- Market research and analysis.


Major: Development of Innovative Tourism Products

This major is dedicated for future managers working on introducing new products for tourism to the market of touristic and leisure services, innovations intechnological, organizational, managing and product fields.

Aim of the educational program is to prepare graduates to act as managers in field of product development, gaining basic theoretical knowledge in field of innovations in tourism and practical knowledge focused on designing and implementing innovations. Gaining knowledge regarding specifics of innovations in sector of tourism, essence and organization of innovative processes, conditions and effects of creating innovations. Such education allows graduate to get accustomed with methods and techniques of assessment of touristic product and regulations in area of innovativeness and inventiveness, technological innovations in tourism and its use, gaining skills in teamwork and team cooperation, skill of analyzing the offer which is being commercialized from the point of view of product gaps and niches, knowledge of strategical assessment of competitiveness in area of innovations.

A Graduate will be able to analyze and assess innovative products and services as well as to manage  innovative activities. He or she will have modern practical knowledge, necessary to prepare the innovative strategy for touristic enterprise and skills for dynamic analysis of tourists’ needs for development of tourism products. A Graduate will be prepared to act as a manager in field of creation and development of tourism products.  

Selected learning content:

- Marketing innovations in tourism;

- Technological innovations in tourism;

- Organizational innovations in tourism;

- Techniques and methods of creation;

- Projection of innovative tourism products.


Major: International Tourism

This major is designed for students who are interest in international tourism, especially for those who wish to learn about which possibilities and challenges of crossing borders phenomenon, increased economic contacts and progressing globalization. New forms of tourism, especially business, corporation, congress, educational, ethnic, religious, sportive and pilgrimage tourism raise new expectations and challenges for the sector of tourism services. The studies not only provide specialized knowledge regarding those topics, but also knowledge concerning civilization processes of the present world and region, globalization, European integration, competitiveness and market, inter-cultural issues, management in business. Educational program also includes bringing knowledge in fields of: organization, economics, sociology, geography, ecology and health.

Aim of the educational program is to prepare specialists for international touristic movement, especially the economic sector. During those studies, students gain necessary knowledge about quality management of tourism services, rules of functioning of international tourism market and tourism enterprises in country and around the world, rules of organizing the foreign tourism, touristic marketing and promotion of Poland and its regions.

Graduates will be able to prepare international tourism offers, organize events for international tourism and take independent managing activity in country and abroad.